…and the kitten and the cat rehoming adventure begins again.

So my friend found a stray hanging around their porch, and the snow storm hit our area so they temporary took the cat in. Storm left and so did the cat, and 2 months later, the same stray shows up with these….I feel like I work as a cat/kitten adoption coordinator. It seems like I’m always trying to re-home kittens. Save the kittehs! 













Tale of friends and a cat and bathing said cat and trying to look for its new home

Currently I live with two dogs, a boyfriend, and a cat. You might be able to say that I’m an animal lover.

With sequence of weird events another cat decided to enter my life from a bad situation. An evil voice in me whispered ,”well why not,” so as fate would have it a tiny 6 month old cat entered my life tonight. I knew I can’t keep the cat for good, our household is currently running with a single income and we just cannot handle another mouth to feed. Plus I’m starting to find out I am rather mildly allergic to this one, even though I’m not really allergic to my own cat. weird.

When I first met the cat, it was covered in fleas, and although it was told to me the cat was 6 months old, it looks to be grossly underweight, and I can see the bones though his tiny body.

So we decided to bathe him.

After he was finished with his baptismal shampoo and anti flea medication, he fell asleep in our friends lap, purring.

This is an ongoing tale of friends and looking for a loving home for this tiny ferocious creature.